Made in the USA

The Power Stove is manufactured in Woodinville Washington, 20 miles northeast of Seattle, in 13,000 square feet of indoor manufacturing space. In addition to the stove product line, the staff of craftsmen also work on custom jobs, primarily of stainless steel, for the marine, aerospace, kitchen and medical industries. This experience and capability enhances our ability to continue developing new and innovative products.

The manufacture of the stove components utilizes extensive production tooling to ensure every stove meets exacting quality standards (some examples below).

50 ton Benchmaster punch press with progressive punch tooling installed and automatic material feed from the stainless steel sheet coil, this equipment is used for most of the stamped pieces that make up the stoves and consoles.

Progressive die shoes with custom dies to stamp out the various pieces for the stove.

Automated PLC controlled station to precisely form the Leg Brace and ensure every one is consistent with the next.

Ercolina tube bender to facilitate manufacture of console components.

Automated PLC controlled station to form the orifice tube and precisely locate the fuel supply orifice.

Cold saw with autofeed used to cut all the tube components, ensures straight precison cuts without burrs.

The stove also features the highest quality regulator, and carrying bag, all assembled and packaged at the Woodinville facility.