Power Stove Highlights

Description of Safety Design Features: (by category)

Burner and Controls

  1. The Woodland Power Stove uses a vertically oriented burner tube which directs all flame upward keeping the flame away from the ground. This assures cooler temperatures on the ground and prevents burning or scorching of the ground. It permits “No Trace” camping and adds greater fire prevention safety by keeping all flame up off the ground.
  2. The Power Stove burner tube is held several inches from the ground and in the center of the legs for increased safety.
  3. The venturi burner tube design self cools its lower end while operating. The lower part of the burner will never get hot even after hours of use. The self cooling design also cools the orifice tube preventing any heat from reaching the fuel supply hose.
  4. The lighting hole, located low in burner tube side, keeps the operator’s hands away from the exhaust flame while lighting. The burner design draws the lighting flame into the lighting hole when a burning match is placed near the hole.
  5. The Woodland Power Stove design contains no cavities for explosive gas vapors to accumulate. This stove can have the gas turned on for a short period of time before lighting and will not flare up in the operator’s face when lit. This is because the burner tube design creates a heavy draft which rapidly disperses the un-ignited vapors into the surrounding air. These vapors are diluted with air to the point that they will no longer flare up or burn.
  6. The gas control is located at the supply end of the hose (on the regulator). User’s hands are kept away from flame and hot cook ware while adjusting the flame level.
  7. A durable warning tag is permanently attached to the gas control with bold warnings and instructions. Additional detailed instructions with pictures are included with each stove.
  8. The gas regulator, hose, and fittings are all UL, AGA, and CGA approved.
  9. The maximum heat output is limited to safe and reasonable output for each model of stove to assure safety. Smaller stoves have less heat output.
  10. A flame spreader is positioned over the stove burner tube to keep flame height low during use. The flame spreader is attached to the stove so it can’t be lost. It can be swung away from the top of the burner tube for cleaning.
  11. The Woodland Power Stove has no areas on the stove for grease accumulation. This avoids grease fires on stove.
  12. The Woodland Power Stove burner design burns fuel very efficiently, resulting in lower levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions. The stove must always be used outdoors in well ventilated areas.

Structural Design

  1. The entire line of Woodland Power Stove products are designed to be exceptionally strong but light weight. This prevents back injury or muscle strain for users when transporting these products. Also our products break down in a modular fashion permitting them to be carried in smaller bundles further reducing their weight.
  2. The stove legs are made from solid steel rod, wrapped and welded in a full loop for 100+ pound weight bearing capacity with ease.
  3. The stove legs and leg braces are made from alloys which retain their strength even when glowing red hot. These alloys hold their strength to twice the maximum operating temperature of the stove top.
  4. The lower portion of the stove legs never get hot, even after hours of use.
  5. The Power Stove’s legs have a broad stance, or reach out far enough to keep the stove stable even with large stock pots or heavy cook ware on top.
  6. The three legs are positioned 120 degrees apart to provide uniformly positioned support to the cook ware on top of the stove. The three leg design always keeps the stove stable, even when placed on uneven ground.
  7. The legs are designed to rest on the outer edges of the leg creating greater stability on rough surfaces. The legs will not teeter on small rocks, roots, or uneven ground.
  8. The stove leg braces keep the stove’s fold out legs locked into position while the stove is in use. The stove can’t fold up while in use.
  9. The stove leg braces become an integral part of the stove top providing a large support area for cook ware.
  10. The stove leg braces protrude inward toward the center of the stove to safely support the smallest cook ware. The stove leg braces are reversible causing the protrusion to point outward. This orientation creates a larger stove top support area and safely supports extremely large cook ware.
  11. Every stove is sold with ground stakes which are driven into the ground to secure the stove to the ground for safety. All instructions request that the user securely stake the stove before operating.
  12. The optional wind screens prevent wind from blowing the flame around.