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PowerStove Highlights2021-02-16T16:29:22-08:00

Power Stove Highlights
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Leg Braces2021-02-03T11:08:49-08:00

Leg Braces

  • Removable braces that when installed, lock the legs into their 120° rotated position.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel rod.
  • Can be inverted to accommodate large and small cookware.
  • Length can be easily adjusted to be loose for easy manipulation or tight to maintain structure while being handled.
Flame Spreader2021-02-03T11:16:12-08:00

Flame Spreader

  • Flame Spreader sits atop the burner tube to diffuse the flame and facilitate improved uniform heating.
  • Permanently fixed to one leg, but can be moved out of position to facilitate cleaning the burner.
  • Helps to lock the legs together in the stowed position.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel sheet.
  • Features a permanently stamped manufacturing lot number for better quality control.


  • Help to mitigate the wind effects to the flame spread beneath the cookware.
  • Can be removed for easier assembly and manipulation of the leg braces.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel sheet.
  • Sold Separately
Orifice Tube2021-02-03T11:28:37-08:00

Orifice Tube

  • Meters the propane gas and precisely injects it into the burner tube for optimal combustion.
  • Permanently fixes one leg to the burner tube.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel tubing.


  • Reduces the delivery pressure to the levels needed for the stove, adjustable from 0 – 65,000  BTU’s.
  • The highest quality regulator, made in the USA by Marshall Gas Controls.
Burner Tube2021-02-03T11:42:19-08:00

Burner Tube

  • Provides the confinement to facilitate mixing and combustion.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel tubing.
  • Precisely sized to match the fuel supply orifice for optimal combustion.
  • Captures the legs at the top and bottom to maximize the stability of the stove.


  • Connects the orifice tube to the regulator.
  • Made of high-quality TBD hose material, listed by Underwriters Laboratory.
  • 48″ long to allow placing the propane bottle and regulator at a safe distance.
Flame Modifier2021-02-03T11:47:47-08:00

Flame Modifier

  • Changes the combustion characteristics resulting in a cooler flame with more color, for light cooking and using the optional log set.
  • Permanently fixed to the burner tube with a stainless steel chain.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel sheet.


  • Provides structural support for the cookware.
  • Rotates about the burner tube to facilitate collapsing down to storage size.
  • Made of solid 304 stainless steel rod, formed and welded in a full loop for maximum weight-bearing capacity.

Reversable Leg Braces

The leg braces can be inverted outward to form a larger platform surface to accommodate the largest of pots and skillets.


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